Hey guys! I've posted some threads the past days about getting a new amp, and I probably decided to buy the super-sonic 60. It seems to be a really great amp that's really versatile. I play alot of blues, rock, metal sometime ( Not the most dangerous and deathly kind ) Eric Johnson, John petrucci etc.~ I'm using a American Standard Stratocaster. And I also have a Epiphone explorer.

The only thing that I noticed, reading at forums and watching videos, is that it doesn't work that good with pedals? If anyone have this amp or played it, please tell me if it's true

I would also be glad to hear pros&cons about it from you guys!

( I wont be able to try out it before I buy it, because I don't have a dealer thats near me. That's why I'm asking alot. But I will probably buy it from Thomann, so I can get the money back if I'm not satisfied )

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I had one for a little while. I still wish I kept it. It did a lot of styles very well.

I never noticed it not taking pedals well? I use a lot of em and it always sounded good.
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pros - good tone, 60 watts, works at lower volumes fairly well, sounds great cranked up, all tube, 2 great clean options, does everything up to early metal really well, takes pedals well imo.

cons - the price.

that's my honest opinion. good luck.
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I have one and I like it a lot. It works fine with pedals, though the reverb does make a weird sound on mine sometimes. I found mine for only six hundred dollars, so it wasn't really much of a monetary issue, either.
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Thanks guys, I appreciate it! The pedal-thing was just something I read somewhere, so I just thought about it :P I'm really looking forward to it!