I am in a band in the UK and was wondering if people could offer me advice or links to the issues i am having.
Two people in the band i am in are thinking that they are going to be able to move over to america (Orlando to be specific) within this coming year and think it is easy to do so even though we are yet to even do one gig over here and havent even properly got a demo cd or album done yet. All that has uccured is that they have visited Orlando recently and have got washed up in the rock star lifestyle they have created for themselves while they were there by telling people they are big over here when they are not and thinking that it is going to be exactly like that if they move over there.
Can anybody provide any links or information about getting into america on a musicians visa and how easy it would be so that i have something to show them that it is not as simple as they think.
The singer who was in a band before thinks that he alone will get this band stardom even though most people don't even know the band he was in before hand and thinks that they will be paid hundreds of dollars a gig even in the early stages which i know to be otherwise, you are lucky if you get paid anything these days especially as a new band. Does anybody have any information about how much you get paid at gigs which will help me also.
Basically they are not in their 20's anymore, in fact they are over 50 but still seem to think we are living in the eighties when it comes to setting up a band. therefore if anybody could offer any advice or links to sites to demonstrate how difficult it is to set up a band and get popular in the music business it woulod be greatly appriciated as they seem to think it will be easy.
Thanks again for any help you may give.
You need to take this thread to the band leading forum. This forum is for promoting your band, not band problems.
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