I've got 6505+ 112, and I'd like to record it with my shure sm57, so I'm considering POD UX1.

Is it worth to collect some more cash for UX2? I don't want no simulations or whatever, I just want to record pure amp sound. I don't think I'm gonna ever use the second guitar slot anyway.

What do you think?
im not completely sure, but i think that, other than the extra input options, they're exactly the same.
Ux2 has a second mic and intstrument inputs aswell as meters for monitoring input levels I believe. If I recall correctly it also has phantom power which you need for condenser mics.
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Id reccomend an interface that isnt aimed at guitarists if you wanna use it to mic up your amp rather than into the instrument jack. Better quality mic preamps.

Have a look for the focusrite, presonus, digidesign, avid, tascam usb interfaces.