hmm. your technique and phasing still needs a little more work, it will come with time, so just keep messing around. a little repetitive with note selection, plus too me it seems like you are over using the pinched harmonics a tab too much. just keep playing and be creative, is my motto:P
Yeah actually I learned modes since a few days and this jam is more a training for me
I don't know how not to be repetitive after a while :s
I think you was making it up as you went along but when bending for more power use two fingers. Vibrato is a bitch to nail so its always best to crawl before you walk.
Yeah I had 2 or 3 idead and the rest is "real improvisation". Someone give me the advice to sing melodies without the guitar first and then try to apply then with it. It seems a really good technique to explore new licks !