My drummer is in need of an electric drum kit.

We've been banished from playing at his due to making too much noise, forced to play whenever his parents go out. We have nowhere that can really work as a convenient practice room. So my solution is:

Electric drum kit, 3 way headphone splitter (most likely homemade) and then we all practice with headphones on.

The thing is, he's not willing to spend too much cash on this kit, as he's going to be buying a Paiste Blue Bell ride. He's also possibly buying a Vox VT80+. So setting him back way over £500. So money is an issue.

Basically, the cheaper the better, but we don't want anything crap. Alesis make some okay quality kits for the money, but I really hoped there would be some suggestion as to what would be best.

Let's say there's a breakable budget of £500.
Yamaha DTXplorer, really good and cost around £500. however Yamaha are bringing out a new one soon called the DTX 500 which i have not had a chance to use yet, however, i'm told it's much more advanced than the DTXplorer and will be around the same price and will probably replace it, not sure though really
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