Hey guys! Got Symphony X's new album a few days ago, loving it and I just had to cover something. I figured this out by ear, so some stuff's probably wrong and the solo is half improv (because there's no way in hell I can transcribe Michael Romeo's solos). Lemme know what you think!
dude, how did you get the album allready? it's not supposed to be released for another 5 days:O
sounds awesome!! could you maybe send me your X3 live patch, i love your tone
It leaked two days ago though I fully intend to buy the double CD version on the 21st, it's so worth it. And I don't know how to do that haha (my Line 6 software's glitched or something), but I could write down my settings if you want
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ok:P, yeah, im gonna buy as well, on the 17th, when it comes out in europe.
if you could write down the settings, that would be awesome
Here you go:

Amp: 2001 Treadplate Dual, 4x12 01 Treadplate Cab, 421 Dynamic Mic
Bass 30, Mid 60, Treble 70, Presence 50, Drive 67
Distortion: Screamer, Drive 35, Gain 50, Tone 30
Parametric EQ: Low fq 300, low gain -7.8, lm fq 2.00k, lm gain +1.8, hm fq 3.4k, hm gain +1.2, hi fq 1.85 k, hi gain +0.4
Compressor: Threshold -18, gain 2 db
I have some other stuff in there too like a noise gate, medium reverb, and some light delay with the time set to 21 ms (John Petrucci's delay trick, try messing around with it).

Lead (neck pickup)
Amp: 2003 Deity's Son, 4x12 01 Treadplate Cab, 421 Dynamic Mic
Bass 25, Mid 40, Treble 80, Presence 70, Drive 100
Distortion: Boost + EQ, Gain 80, Bass 25, Treble 65, Mid 32, Mid Frequency 83
Compressor: Threshold -18, gain 3 db
Other stuff: medium hall reverb, delay, weeper wah, noise gate, etc.

Lemme know how that works for you man!
they sound great man, thanks they'll work great for the inferno cover im working on
Hey man,

Thanks a lot for the crit on mine!

OT: Really good cover! Never ever actually listened to Symphony X, but your playing sounded clean, so well done The song is actually pretty good too!