I think I am in need of some new gear, and I need your help to decide on what gear.


80's rock/metal to current rock/metal, I like to play stuff from metallica to avenged sevenfold to bon jovi to modern rock, some classic rock(not a lot). I like some shred players such as Paul Gilbert and Joe Satriani.

New or Used:
would prefer all new but used is ok just depends on what it is

Home or Gig:
do not gig currently, but could in the future

Closest City:
Mississippi Gulf Coast, USA

Current Gear:
Schecter Hellraiser C-1 w/EMG-81TW/89 pickups (just purchased in Feb '11)
Ibanez S470 w/stock pickups
Ovation Celebrity (acquired Christmas '09)
Crate GLX212
Boss MT-2 (Metal Zone)
Boss TU-2

My question is what would be the best way to upgrade my gear? Guitar, Amps, Pedals? Should I just overhaul my entire rig? I'm thinking a new amp may be the way to go, but any suggestions are welcome. Keep in mind my entire budget does not necessarily have to be spent. Suggestions of a combination of gear is also welcomed.

Thanks in advance.
I think all you need is a bad-ass amp. If you can spend the whole $2000 on it - and I think with your current gear you very well can - the market is very wide for you. Mesas are nice, also a Marshall JVM might be up your alley... and, when looking at amps, I feel that going used doesn't really have a lot of drawbacks.

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Ashton AG200,
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your guitars are nice enough... Look at Splawn as well, they might be nice for you :-) Besides that... Orange rockerverb maybe...
I agree with The Unforgiven on the Marshall JVM. I absolutely hate this amp, but people who love it love it very much, and it's one of the most versatile amps I've played. I think Satriani plays one.

edit: oh, and ditch the metal zone, you won't need it anymore. You can switch it for an overdrive pedal; depending on the budget left after your amp purchase, it could range from a Boss SD1 to a Maxon or Ibanez tubescreamer or something like that, or something else amongst those lines.
I didn't mention Mesa because it's already been said, but I still agree it would be very nice for you.
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*bump, people i need some good advice here, and I should mention that my entire budget doesn't have to spent to be spent on one item.
Thanks for the suggestions, but is there anybody else out there to offer some other suggestions?
Well you've got a good guitar right there, so a fantastic amp will overhaul your main sound.

So spend as much as your willing to on an amp, then get yourself a few pedals or something?

Gate, wah... Whatever you feel you could need
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Keep the guitars.

Get ride of the Crate and the Metal Zone.

Buy a Mesa/Boogie Dual Recto 2 channel.
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