Heya peoples.. I was googling as hell for quite some time, and I found some audio interfaces but I don't know which1 is the best one?
The thing is I need is to record 2 guitars at the same time, each on it's own track, I would use some ampsim program too..
Interfaces i found are...
2x Line 6 POD Studio GX 150$
ESI UGM 96 100$
M-Audio MobilePre 140$
2xBehringer UCG102 65$

My first choice would be ESI UGM96 because it's the cheapest solution, and It has Hi-Z inputs(whatever that means O ...
But I'm interested, how much worse is the UGM96 compared to other solutions? How much hum and other noises does it have?
I have powerful computer(q6600,4gb ram..) so I think there shouldn't be a problem with latency, right?
p.s. I need to record only 2 guitars, software is not important that much..
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Look into the presonus, Audiobox 2x2 USB, at least I heard they were good, can not confirm since I don't own one
There won't be a huge difference between any of them at that price range. I had a Lexicon Lambda, and it was great before I upgraded. I think it's like $100 used now, it might be something to look at, though I'm sure any of those will suit you just fine.