Hi guys, yesterday I picked up my first tube amp, an old second-hand Peavey Classic 30. Today I was playing it (at full volume) and the sound started cutting in and out and occasionally crackling a little bit.
Anyway, I kept on playing and the problem continued until it started making very loud crackling sounds and cutting in and out lots. I looked in the back and saw one of the power tubes sparking inside and smoke coming out. I turned it off and let it cool.
I've just pulled out the tube and it's all black inside at the bottom.

I assume this is just a bad power tube and nothing to worry about but I just want to make sure that I didn't buy a dud amp.

Edit: Also just noticed that all the tubes are a bit black inside at the bottom but not as much.
The guy I bought it from said he put in new tubes around Feb/March
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Power tubes are F'ed. I really doubt he actually plonked in new tubes. Right now, it looks like you're gonna need to get new powertubes.
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Thanks ragingkitty, I thought as much. I just hope new tubes fix the cutting out and crackling problems...