I want to buy a decent microphone and audio interface for recording vocals and acoustic guitar. Since I don't know much about microphones I was hoping to get some good suggestions here.

My budget is €300-400, which is about $431-575. I'm willing to buy used.
For the microphone, I highly recommend a Bluebird. Excellent mic. One of the best for the money and sounds amazing on acoustic guitars (and it's good for vocals too).
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Fellas, take a look at his budget. Why get a 2020 with a budget like that? It's an excellent mic if you can only spend $100 but if you can spend any more at all, it gets killed by lots of slightly nicer mics. If he spends $200 on an interface, he'll have over $200 to get a mic. You can get a MUCH nicer mic for 250-300 new.

My vote is:
Bluebird - Personal experience with this one. It's my favorite for the money.
AT4040 - Again, personal experience, It's a great mic, but I like the bluebird better for acoustics.
NT1A - Never used it but heard good things although I would guess either of the other two would be better.
Thanks for the replies! I just bought the Rode NT1A. The Bluebird also seemed really good, but it was €100 more than the Rode. For the interface, I went with the Focusrite Saffire 6 USB which will probably arrive on friday. I can't wait to record something