I want to show you, guys, my current project.

I consider it as traditional rock / (maybe glam?). (Mountain, Poison)

But it's currently unfinished.

Also I kinda need help with it. I need better drums and maybe solos.

Comment please Will C4C( Although I suck in it).

Thanks. :3
Sounds good but could do with a slight rhythm change for the verse just to make things a bit more exciting
I Like Deathcore, Deal With It!
I liked the bass part and also that guitar fills of the pre-chorus
I think it'll be better if you give the chorus more explosiveness more energy. Louders drums will do it or also a different chord progresion.
don't forget that these songs demand a very catchy vocal melody and good original solos so start thinking on that.
but the bottom idea is good keep working on that.
Perhaps instead of:

You could try:

Just to make it a tad more interesting...also, bear in mind what the bloke above me said about catchy vocals...they'll add a considerable amount of life to the song!

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