My goal is to plays R&B/Pop songs and sing along with them.

Several people said that all I needed was to learn to play the chords of a song and just strum it.

It works but I'm wondering if I'm severely restricting myself by not getting a guitar coach.

I want to learn finger picking as well but I'm not even sure if it's really necessary for my goal.

Would love to hear your feedback!
Lessons work for some people, while others are self-taught. Just try it and see if you like it. I've tried it multiple times and I always go back to self-instruction. I just can't do lessons.
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If you're smart, you'll figure out the best ways to play the guitar and sound good but I have never met anyone self taught who has had a good fingerpicking technique or posture or the little things which make playing much easier for them.

Not saying it's impossible and people like that don't exist, they do for sure (otherwise, how would the methods teachers teach exist today?). I'm saying that the likelihood of someone playing absolutely efficiently as a self-taught player is incredibly low.

Sure, there's heaps of content out on the net that can help you out with the basics and getting to play them but a lot of the content on the internet is total shit anyway. Anyone can figure out how to hold a pick or fret with their left hand but lots of 'teacher's' online and offline miss subtle tricks that will help your playing heaps.

Get a smart teacher. They're incredibly difficult to come by and as a beginner, it'll be even more difficult to find out who's a good teacher and who isn't but if you don't mind spending the cash, a good teacher will take you further than self-teaching ever will.
If all you are going to do is strum chords and sing I wouldn't bother with a teacher for something as basic as that. There are plenty of good free lessons on the internet.