Hi guys,
There've been some threads like this over the past months by me concerning the same topic but some personal problems swallowed up all my money and now I've finally saved enough to be able to buy me a valve amp.
The amp should be loud enough for band practice and smaller gigs (very small gigs ). I mostly play stuff ranging from alternative to indie-pop (Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr, Pixies, Pulp, Oasis, Radiohead, Nirvana, Talking Heads, Joy Division, Arctic Monkeys, Libertines, Franz Ferdinand, Beck, R.E.M., Yo La Tengo, Smiths and especially Pavement, to name a few, I hope you get what direction I'm aiming). My budget is somewhere around 700€. Used or new doesn't matter to me.
Hope you guys can help me

PS: Here are two great examples of what I am exactly aiming for: Grounded by Pavement and Range Life by Pavement. I can always get more fuzz or whatsoever by adding a pedal
Fender Mustang??

i know its solid state and a modeller but i've heard some pretty sweet things about it, same goes for the Line 6 Spider Valve Mk II
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For about 700 euros you could get quite a nice amp! For those styles a Vox AC15 might be worth a look (maybe even an AC30 used?). Fender Blues Junior will give you glorious cleans, and as you say throw some dirt in front. My personal experience with amps in that sort of price bracket are Orange amps (I think the colour draws me in...) and again you could probably get a decent used Orange of some sort - they seem to have discontinued the old 30 watt combos and I can't for the life of me remember the name...

EDIT: Rocker 30 was the name I was trying to think of...

EDIT 2: Oh and Stephen Malkmus (according to wiki) uses an Orange Thunderbird 50 head through a Marshall 4x12 typically...
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What about the Thunder 30? Seems that the Rocker 30 is very hard to get outside of the UK here in Europe and mostly for insane prizes. Did they only changed the tubes from EL34 to EL84? And how much different is it in tone?
Well the Thunder 30 seems to have similar specs to the Dual Terror (which I have at the moment), in terms of tubes and whatnot, and I can tell you that the EL84s sound really good. Thunder 30 also has an effects loop and slightly more control over the clean channel (compared to the DT), but I've not tried one yet! I've only had a chance to try a Rocker 30 briefly, so I might not be the best judge of it; when I played one it was damn fine, but I didn't notice a huge amount of difference in sound between it and my DT.

Not the most helpful info there...sorry about that!

The best chance you have of finding something you like is looking for clips on Youtube and actually trying out some amps if you can! Might also be worth checking out what some of the bands you mentioned use. But with that sort of price range if you're sensible (e.g. don't buy a classically "metal" amp for what you're trying to achieve!) you should get something that you like no matter what!

EDIT: Oh and in terms of what you're looking for in terms of volume, you don't need any more than 30 watts tube, probably don't really need more than 15 watts! I usually use my DT in 30 watt mode for gigs, just because I play lead guitar in an acoustic band and so need a fair bit of headroom for clean sounds!
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Thank you for that advice. I probably just try some amps but mainly the Thunder 30. Watched some youtube videos and it seemed fine, especially the clean channel sounded good for what I need. And I can probably get one for around 600€ used. At least that's the price I've seen a couple of them on ebay and the like