Hey guys!
I am going to play guitar on a prom&graduation night (Or whatever it is called in english... ) as a filler in between every performance on the stage. And we (the organisation) had the idea to make the whole thing have a funny ending or better a good transition to the actual party (which is after the graduation), by performing a medley which starts with a classical piece and ends with a party song.
And there is my problem: I don't know how to make it sound fluent between two different songs. I wanted to start with Mozart's Turkish March (I play it distorted) and then I don't know what fits to this...
Any ideas on how to do this? Or maybe total different ideas?

P.s.: I see myself as an intermediate player so please nothing too difficult!
The chord progression. Find the chord progression and then find a "party" song with the same chords. Or the same notes as well. You could also find the notes and a song with those notes, just a different strumming pattern.
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If there's a drummer/drum machine anything like that, you can use it to transition. At the end of every Genesis Sonic game, a medley of all the zones' songs plays over the credits. They often just use a drum break for a measure or two where everything stops to declutter the transition/change the tempo.

Alternatively, you can do something similar by making a short chord transition between the two songs. You don't even have to pick songs with similar chord structures if you know how to modulate half-decently. At the end of the March, just hold the next chord for a bar, then the next, then the next...etc. When you get to your last chord before the modulation/song change, hold it for a few bars to build tension....aaaaand.....blast into the next song immediately! If there's a slow/light intro section or something, I would advise you skip it. To make the Mozart -> party song transition work the best (in my opinion), you need to shock the audience.

Even more alternatively, you could just do "Drop It Like It's Hot": play the march, put down the guitar and then start with the mouth-clicky noises...
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Thanks for your answers! They both helped me very much! I think I worked out a good solution!
If this is getting recorded, you should post your performance: I'd like to see how this turns out.
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