Hey everyone... I have been looking into getting a new amp. Through research, disucssion and forum posts I am thinking i have a fairly decent idea with what I am looking at getting.

The problem i am having is that it is hard to find any of these amps used and at the same time i dont want to buy a POS when i could just go get one for new anyways (why not save couple $ for other toys if i can).

So I was wondering how many people and there experiences with ordering an amp (used) online from say musiciansfriend.com or sites like this.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as i dont want to spend $2000 on a lemon or not even have it ever show up.

Thanks again guys

I am looking at a mesa 212 roadster combo or a mesa dual rect. head/combo
did you get any type of warranty from them at all?
Also if anybody knows of an equally creditable site that sells mesa as musiciansfriend.com does not seem to
My experiences with Musician's Friend have all been positive, even when merchandise was broken or needed returning. They've always been good as far as I've found.
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alberta canada. There are some duel recs ive been wanting to find the roadster combo though. Only found one in calgary but the guy decided to hang onto it
MF does have a return policy, so that is good.

the one thing i would worry about is "why was it returned". unfortunately MF get targeted a bit by people replacing parts on equipment because they do so much volume they can't check all the equipment when it comes back. i have heard horror stories of custom shop guitar pups getting switched out with crappy korean ones and of circuit boards and midi controllers getting switched out for ones that were broke, etc.

MF doesn't have enough time to check all these stuff out on their returns and [at times] they get taken advantage of because of it.

deal breaker? not for me, just be aware and do a once over on your equipment... not everyone will notice their midi unit on a H&K triamp (arbitrary example) being switched out with a broken one because not everyone uses their midi interface but it does happen.
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