First of all, I realize this is my second thread in two days. I'm not sure if that counts as spamming or something, if it does, please tell me and I'll be sure to avoid doing it again.


I was a bit bored and decided to record a Halleluja cover. I tried to make this more complex than my Watchtower cover, with multiple guitar and vocal tracks, so tell me how that worked out. I also used (or at least tried to use) a metronome, which you can slightly hear in the first silence. Also, I feel like the second verse and chorus sound a bit messy, but it gets better after that.

Anyway, constructive criticism on anything from vocals to guitar to recording is very welcome, and either way, thanks for listening.
Your voice has a nice tone to it, but it sounds like you're not quite hitting a lot of the notes, and sometimes you go out of time on the guitar a little bit, but nothing major. I would suggest getting fairly familiar with recording to a click, or perhaps adding some simple percussion (claps, stick clicks) to beef it up, and keep you in time a little better.

No issues with the guitar tone, however, I like to hear songs with just guitar and vocals to be played on acoustic, but obviously thats not what everyone likes, or is available to everyone, so no worries. I thought the solo section came out of nowhere a bit, suddenly, theres some strumming going on- if I was you, I would have had that all the way through the song, to bulk it up a bit, so its not a huge surprise when it kicks in. Solo was good though, I enjoyed it, but I haven't heard the Buckley version, did you write it?

Sorry for being brutally honest, but I'd like people to be the same with my work, because theres little point in being told everythings amazing, when theres still little issues that need working on.

The advice I can give, would be to improve your timing on guitar and vocals, and try and let it flow more, so that it sounds a bit more natural. The only way to do this, in my opinion, is practice with a metronome, or click track, so everything sounds "right" to the ears of your audience.

Once again, I apologise if this seems a bit harsh, but I'd prefer people to tell me what I can improve on, rather than what I can do fairly well. If you wanted to look at some of my work, then go on my profile, for a selection of acoustic covers. The most recent one is this one, and I'm looking for opinions on this in particular.

Don't worry, honest criticism is what I need. Personally, I hate it when people compliment you when it's bad, because then you go through life thinking it was good.

Everything was arranged by me based on the chords, including the solo. Thank you very much for the honest criticism. Also, I do have a song with just acoustic (well, not completely, it's clean tone on an electric guitar) and vocals, my Watchtower cover. Don't yet have an actual acoustic guitar though, I'll be getting one in the summer.

On to your song, I really liked it. I can't compare to the original since I haven't heard it, but it was well played and well sung. I honestly can't find anything to improve on. There are just a few very tiny mistakes, but that's perfectly natural when playing something like that, and they're barely noticeable. Did you arrange this yourself? Either way, great job, it was a pleasure to hear.
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I agree with what stud muffin said. But let me just say that the more you do recordings, the better you will get at them. Once i figured out the importance of a click track for recording, everything went to a whole new level.

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first of all it is one of the most beautiful songs ever, so great choice!
second, i really really loved the guitar, was almost perfect..
and i agree with all the above that you need to work on your voice although i found your voice really beautiful!!!!
would love to hear more covers of you, and good luck !!! :]

C4C ?
I don't have much to critic aside for the recording quality, but I certainly know how that is.

I loved the solo, and your voice is pretty good too.
Did you use a capo for this?
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Nope, no capo, it was played in Am/Cmaj. Thanks for the comment

Edit: is anyone else having trouble accessing people's recordings?
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Edit: is anyone else having trouble accessing people's recordings?

A little bit, I'm having to refresh on every song.

Edit: Scratch that. Everything is gone.
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