Ok, so back in December, I bought my peavey vypyr 30. I thought it was a pretty good buy for the price, bedroom playing, can go from Master of Puppets tone to British Steel tone in the press of a button. But then I started getting emails from other musicians who want to start bands (I guess my friends put a word out..). But everytime I tell them my gear, they say "Ooh, you need a new amp.." I say, "But, you guys arent gigging yet.." They respond "Yeah, but we will be very soon, so how soon can you get a new amp." And I dont have alot of money to buy 3 different amps. So what amps should I look for if im currently a bedroom player, but want to start practicing, and gigging soon. Price can be anything reasonable, under maybe, $600? I play Heavy/Classic Metal.
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Try a bugera 333xl. I was considering one a while back and played it. It sounded pretty great for $500. Also, I'd tell these guys that you can gig with 30w, as most places have a PA.
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Jet City amps, the 20 or the 50, and get that some good speaker (or make it a combo).

It CAN do the brootz with a little pedals, but for what you are looking for there should be no problem. Wanna hear it? Listen to Floodstain´s album "Slave to the self feeding machine" or check their single "icepick lobotomy" on youtube. Its a great distortion sound.
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You could get a used peavey 6506+ 112 combo amp used for around 450 to 500 I believe at guitar center.