hi all, on my profile you'll see a recording to listen to and hopefully answer my question. i came up with the first part (the verse) a few days ago and quite liked that, and then came up with this chorus part (part 2) yesterday. the verse flows really nicely into the chorus and i think they sound good together, but the chorus doesn't flow into the verse at all. i was wondering if anyone could help me out with why it might be or what you do when you're in a similar situation?

thanks all. i get this kind of thing with every single piece i write and as such i never finish anything. it's driving me insane.
To be honest I don't think you have too much of a problem other than timing issues. If you ever listen to a track barebone with no drums, bass or vocals things usually don't make a whole lot of sense. I think with added parts with what you already have and on point timing it could turn out fairly well.
If you had some constant chords under the twiddly bits going back to the verse that might help? By that I mean change the second verse from the first and add a second (rhythm) guitar part? As leadg says it's always gonna sound weird with just the barebones of the track...
problem is with adding other instrument parts is that i don't really want this to be for a band or anything, it's meant for busking with an acoustic guitar really. i think timing is a bit of a problem, probably just something i need to iron out with a bit of practice but i've been having some trouble getting smoothly in time from chorus to verse.

and yeah a post chorus could be pretty sick actually. but does anyone have any tips on what kinda thing a post chorus should involve? i'm thinking no lyrics and maybe only 2 or 4 bars or something, maybe just 2 chords? i don't know.

edit: and thanks for the replies, everyone.
Try putting a G after the chorus for one or two bars. Or the last strum of the Am open (or at least xx0000x=G).
u really don't need much. A sudden cool down mostly works.

A good question, what a post-chorus should involve. The accent of a verse is mostly the lyrics and instruments, from a chorus it's more the melody. So or you take a post-chorus as something in between (should be a longer version). Or like I said a short sudden break/cool down. As in just one strum one chord, a small fill, ...
That's just my opinion for the style I think you're playing
thanks a lot man, that sounds really helpful. i'm pretty wound up right now so i don't really wanna touch the guitar and get all burned out and stressed and try to force something to come but i'll re read your post later and have a go at it when ive got a few drinks in me

take care brother