Okay, so my electric is currently out of commision right now, and while I'm fixing it, I decided to pick up my old acoustic to practice on in the mean time. I decided to get new strings for my acoustic since my old strings smelled like junk. Anyway, I accidentally bought a set of classical strings. I got a set of nylon/silver. They are by far the best set of strings I've ever purchased. They have amazing tone and are ridiculously comfortable on my fingers.

So back to my electric. I've been disliking my electric strings fro quite some time now. And after usuing these nylon/silver ones, I'm really not looking forward to going back to standard strings. I did some research and found that silver strings won't work with pickups, since silver isn't magnetic?

So in effect, are there any strings that have a similar feel to the silver strings, but can be used with the pickups on my electric? I absolutely love these classical strings, but once again, I don't think they can be used on electrics.
Do you want something with lower tension or just smoother?
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I play in Drop C and occasionally Drop B, so I don't want something with really really low tension. But my silver strings are coiled, and I do pickslides and stuff so I don't wanna sacrifice that. Is what I'm asking for non-existant? lol