Hey people, here are some new riffs I was messing with the other night. Also tried a new tone on the axe and a different tuning on my Agile Septor 7 (BDADGBE). Not a perfect sound or arrangement or anything I just really dig a couple of the riffs (reminds me a little of Scale the Summit at one point and then Opeth at another). Also my first recording with the actives in my Agile replaced by the Crunch Lab/Liquifire set! Lemme know what you think!

Yes they are a great value! Hey great riffs man! I couldn't ever get that great of tone out of pod farm! (I believe that's what I read you were using, correct me if I'm wrong) What 7 string are you using? I'm still tweaking my patches, but starting to get there I think.
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Tight riffs, man. I'd like to see a more complete composition utilizing some of them. I dig the guitar tones too. I honestly kept expecting more complicated time signatures to arise, but you stuck with 4/4 and kept it pretty groovy. Nice work.

Crit my latest work?
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Thanks man! I do like playing more complicated time signatures and more technical riffs, but this one just felt right to keep it simple. I do have several completed songs for my band that are much better structured but so far I've just been posting just my ideas on this soundcloud. We'll have the band one up soon enough when we get our demo finished.

Expect a critique here in a minute!