I bought a used Boss DS-2 on Ebay. It works completely fine on Mode I, but when I turn the knob to Mode II, the sound immediately turns off. There is no sound coming from the amp on the Turbo mode. Is it broken, and if so, how can I fix it? I'm kinda pissed, because the seller doesn't accept returns...

I've tried it with the battery and with the adapter, still doesn't work. I'm using the Peavey Vypyr practice amp, and my guitar is a Fender Strat.
Yes it is broken I can clarify that, other than that I have no advice sorry
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Quote by Lespauljames
did he state it was faulty?
if not you can claim back if you used paypal

No, he did not state that. Thanks, I will try it.
Can't view the download as I'm at work. Try openming the pedal and look for any obvious signs of damage - loose wire, burns on the PCB, broken components, that sort of thing. If there's nothing obvious try some switching spray - it's a few bucks from an electrical store. Give the pedal a good spray, leave open for an hour in a warm, dry place, reassemble and try it then.
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Well the Turbo switch is very simple. In position I it just switches R1 (10k) to ground. In position II it makes R1 an open connection (not connected to anything).

What I would do is lift the leg of R1 that is connected to the switch. This would automatically put it in Turbo II mode as you are leaving the connection open. If this works, something is wrong with the switch. While you have the leg of R1 lifted, you could also connect this lifted leg to ground to put it in Turbo I mode if you wanted to test that mode.