I'm in the market to get a tube amp to play metal but in the process have renewed respect for my cheap Fender Frontman 212 (100W) and would like to know why they are so hated.

This weekend I tried several tube amps in the mid/low price range: a Peavey Windsor, a Laney 50W, egnator, some terribly crappy crates and very mediocre peavey valvekings.

Then I went home and plugged in my cheap Fender and set myself to the task of copping the tone on megadeth's tornado of souls, then proceeded to play it. I'd play about a minute over a jam track and then listen to the original. Not identical, but I got a very very similar tone, with tight enough lows and everything (I also used a 7-band eq (in a sharp V curve) into the effects loop and a boss overdrive/distortion into the drive section of the amp with the amp drive at zero)

So, if I'm able to do this, how can the amp be considered bad? Also has a nice clean channel.