So Pit, how do you tell the difference between a friend and an acquaintance?

Personally, I'm always shocked to discover how many friends of mine are actually acquaintances.

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nice disgusting highjack scubasteve, always being the acquaintance eh?
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You have no moral obligation to acquaintances. They're a lot easier to have than friends.

and generally a bit more tender too, the moral obligation makes friends a little tougher
Most people can count their true friends on their fingers, some only on one hand. Just think, who would be there for you, in times of crisis, or, if you were going through a really bad time, who would be trying to cheer you up, and help you along.
Mmmm, people with whom conversations (especially online ones) don't tend to last beyond the "Alright?" stage.
Acquaintances are people I would generally associate myself in some situation but I would never call them other for needing them for a purpose. Friends are people who I care more for the well-being of, whereas acquaintances I would be unhappy to hear of them passing away or something but I wouldn't be grievous; friends I would.

EDIT: I would actually say there were three, if not four groups of people rather than two - friends, acquaintances and associates.

Friends are obviously the ones who you bear strong emotional attachment to. This I believe is a small number probably in single digits, most definitely under 20. These are the people I truly care about and the ones I will remember, the ones I will call when I'm in a desperate situation, etc.

Acquaintances are the people I could have a conversation with or go do something with but aren't naturally the ones I would think about straight away. This category would probably consist of about 50 people. From the people you share a few classes with at school to a sports team mate I would class these people as.

Associates are the people who I would say I could still take a conversation with but the people I know little about, who know little about me, and I don't really bear much of a significant emotional attachment to them. These would be the people at school who aren't in my classes or in just a couple, or some kind of authority that I HAVE to be associated to rather than by choice...
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When you rarely hang out with them and you only talk to them in class or the work place a lot or through the internet - That friend is an acquaintance.

According to this I only have acquaintances, which is kind of true My friends are just people to hang round with at lunch breaks and sometimes go skating
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I don't really have a true friend to hold back on and trust everything with

I'd rather not. So I guess I have a shitload of acquaintances.
Acquaintances will only take food from your cupboard if offered. A friend takes the food and leaves none for you.
I'll use an analogy.

The sun has 9 friends. Those 9 friends are acquaintances of each other. Most have a friend or a few. Earth has one friend.
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Friends go out of their way for you. Acquaintances are friendly with you if it's convenient for them.
I'm rgrockr and I do not approve of this message.
A friend will bail you out of jail. A true friend will be sat next to you saying "dude, we screwed up."
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I find it hard to differentiate, to the point where I often feel like everyone I know is an acquaintance and I don't really have any friends at all. Sometimes I feel like I'm surrounded by friends though. Weird.
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you just hang out with acquaintances because you might both be interested in the same activity and little beyond that. you totally trust friends and can act like a total **** wit near them coz nobody gives a ****

Then I have 3 true friends.

Other than that, I've got a load of normal friends and acquaintances.
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