Me and a bunch of mates have been poundering this idea of a band 4 quite a while now. We seem 2 get distracted quite easily which dusnt help. We are of varying abilities (very good drummer and lead guitar, shakie rythme and bass). What advice would u give us 2 get up and running. We like a wide variety of rock music old and new. We have thought of even writing r own songs but this might be a challenge. Any advie of what we should do?
get organised would be first. set aside a practice time where you's properly practice, don't have it too long and really concentrate on it when you's are doing it. write up a short setlist to start, maybe a song or two each, tell everyone to learn them, you have til X day and time. practice, see hoe it goes! you's got a practice space?
One thing that is often overlooked as very important is to keep your rehearsals fun. Most bands once they get serious that's all they ever do and forget to have fun. Band chemistry is almost as important as abilities.

If you're writing your own songs, make sure you have someone who can actually write whole songs and whose parts make sense together. What you can do from there is make easier parts for the weaker members so that everyone can at least play their parts, then highlight the lead guitar, vocals and drums as much as you can