I wanted to start a discussion on data backup and storage here. I noticed a lot of different postings that related to recording but did not see anything referring to backing up or storing your data.

I work for a company that helps backup, transfer, and organize your data and music files and wanted to get feedback from what people are currently using to back up their data.

What are some of the most common strategies for storing data right now?
I have an External Hard Drive(Oddly enough, it's better than my internal.) that I write my files to. I have Cubase AI4 and all the plugins running on my main Hard Drive.

I don't really have any projects worth backing up as they are all mine. If I were recording someone who's paying, I'd make backups all over the place.
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I've never had any problems with needing to use backups, so I only backup my finished products (on an external hard drive). Obviously if I was super driven about backing up my files I would just go ahead and set up another hard drive in Raid 1.
I wanted to see if any of you were using online back up file and storage.

What do you think about it?

It seems to be a popular tool for backing up and storing media, as well as transfering it.

Have you been able to find anything that works for you?
Ehh, DropBox is useful when working with a band or another producer, but I wouldn't really use it as a back up. I back up all my files every night to an external hard drive, so I'm not too worried about losing anything. Ableton has never failed to recover any work. If I want to upload it somewhere, I just use mediafire or soundcloud.
I agree, DropBox is eh. There are other services out there that do a pretty neat job at backing up and storing your data in real time.

Even if you're not sending big data files to others, it's a great 3rd option for external backup.

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Pay attention to where you store your files. I managed to format my partition with some of my music stored on it (nothing major lost, just some scratch tracks) :p
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I have a 500GB HD dedicated to Time Machine (I'm on a Mac) which backs up everything on the Mac itself, and I did have a 1TB HD which I had a lot of stuff on, some of which was unfortunately not backed up (lost a handful of old Logic projects, as well as my whole sample library I have to re-find/transfer from discs etc.) but that died a couple of months ago... shouldn't have tried using it as a portable one for a session at two different studios, so now have a 500GB portable one as well, but mainly my backups are just the internal HD and the Time Machine one.
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My ideal setup would be two external HDs. One 250-500GB and one 1-2TB. The smaller one would be used during sessions in addition to the internal drive on the computer. The external would hold all audio files while the computer handles everything else. The second external would be for an extra backup of everything but not used during sessions.

I'm currently using one external and one internal, and am getting a little worried about something bad happening to the external since I dont have another one big enough to back up everything on.

At the moment I'd rather keep my files on a physical drive (or two ...or five) that I own and can hold with my own two hands. If I'm somehow somewhere without internet, or if the internet is down wherever I am, I still want access to everything.
I back up more recent projects in a separate archive on one of my hard drives. Every now and again, when that drive starts filling up, I burn them to DVDs and do each disc twice - just in case.

The thing about on-line storage for me, though I love it for my documents and stuff (Google Docs), is that I probably have.... geez... idunno.... upwards to a terabyte of data. Google Docs gives me 8GB for free. If I had to pay a fee to an on-line provider, maybe I'd get 100GB or something for not too much.... but a TB.... I'll stick to DVDs.

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1) Special spot on HDD 1
2) Entire HDD 2
3) External HDD
4) Dropbox

Dropbox is really only songs in progress.

External and HDD 2 are back ups of the completed masterfiles + project files.