an earlier post was made talking about pain in the left palm, and i simulated playing a bass while reading it, and my left palm was killing me. even now while typing this my left hand is killing me. help!
Yes, you should. Give your hands a rest for a few days and check in with a doctor. Could be just muscle strain, could be much worse.
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Alot of this has to do with posture and how its affecting other area's of your body. Do you do stretches and practise posture, as in sit up straight, keep your shoulders down etc etc. Look up the alexanders technique.

Go to the doctor though and he/she can refer you onwardsd.
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Don't use your hand for a few days.
Look at my doctor's PHD. Only with this can you understand what to do when your hand hurts.
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No easy way of saying this, but... You're going to die.

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Your hand could be hurting for any number of reasons. There are no certified doctors on this forum as far as I know, so it's not the best place to be seeking medical advice. If it persists go see a doctor.
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