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28 61%
13 28%
Cream of mushroom with Tyler Durdens special sauce
5 11%
Voters: 46.
so a common combination is ribs and chicken,

now, the horror of a restaurant making you choose just 1, (i know, scary right?) what would you choose?
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jimmybanks youre a genius

chicken ribs.
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Ribs all the way! Proper man food right there!
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Ribs all the way! Proper man food right there!

steak beats ribs when it comes to man food

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Chicken is a staple to my diet so I would pick ribs because I only get it on occasion.
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Barbecue or fried chicken over any ribs. Honestly though, I hate when there are bones in my food, if it were boneless wings, there's no question, chicken all the way.
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I eat chicken all the time so I would probably choose ribs because I rarely have them

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