I'm looking for a combination pedal (but not a multi-FX), the cheaper the better.

It seems extraordinarily difficult to find a Reverb + Tremolo/Vibrato stompbox. The only one I have heard of is the Boss FDR-1, and from demos the spring-esque reverb is a bit too nasty and not as dark or digital as I would prefer.

Anyways if there are any others (that aren't $200+ boutique) please just drop names and I'll do some research.


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electro-harmonix do a tremolo and vibrato pedal, unless you mean the two names for tremolo.
The tremolo and reverb sound is so classic I'm taken aback by the fact no big names other than boss have put the two together... I guess most people have onboard reverb and only need a tremolo pedal.

I think the malekko pedals would end up being out of my budget, at least for 2 pedals plus shipping. Also I can't decide if I even like the sound of the chikklet..

Thanks anyways.