I'm looking into possibly getting a 100W cabinet for my Avid Eleven Rack.
I'll need a rack mountable power amp to use the cab but I'm lost as to what to get.
It can be tube or not but from what I understand it can't be over 100W because it cant have more power than the cab because that could blow it.

Any suggestions of good and affordable 100W or lower power amps on the market?
An Atomic Amps Cab? You can get one with the amp built in. Each is 50W I know tech 21 makes a similar type of thing. I'll probably need to look into it more as I'm looking into an Eleven too.
The Atomic amp cab is a good idea becuase its designed to be FRFR to handle the tone put out by modelers.

Otherwise, if you don't have a budget, get a Mesa Stereo 2:Ninety.
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Cheapest tube option is the Carvin TS100, it has many incarnations, mostly just cosmetic differences, but they can be had for less than $200 if you scour ebay long enough.

For SS, the Roctron Velocity 300 is fantastic sounding for a SS amp, and they make the smaller 100 if you need it.
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