Hey guys i'm debating between these two guitars for my next purchase.

I want one that can handle both fingerpicking and strumming. The 412 CE LTD uses walnut, and has a different design than the normal CE, but it costs more.. My store is selling it for 2649.. I think I could bargain them down a bit but still.. compared to 414 CE which is around 1849.. do u guys think I should just stick with 414 CE for the guitar of choice? and yeah I know I can haggle a bit at the music store for a lower price..
Have you played both guitars? The body styles and how you play will dictate which one you buy. Personally, I'd be inclined to go with the Limited, but I'd still want to play both.
I am mainly wondering whether the 412CE LTD justifies the price difference it terms of sound and playability. Seeing as i'm not a guitar expert, I was wondering if u guys could give me some expert advice. I have played the 412CE LTD but there wasn't a 414CE for me to compare with. I am going to try and visit another store tonight to check out the 414 CE.

Specs are here:
Each guitar is built with different tone woods, so there will be a tonal difference. I've played a 414 CE, but I've not played a Limited, so I can't directly compare the two. Do keep in mind, even if you play a 414CE, it will sound slightly different than another 414CE. This is due to slight differences in the wood.

On another note, I don't think I've ever played a bad Taylor, and I've played a bunch of them. Regardless of which one you go with, you're not likely to go wrong.