Hello ultimate guitar forum!

I am a new guy here, although I've been reading forum, reviews and tabs for a long time. And I have a problem.. not knowing what's best for me, about buying a guitar amp.

Budget? -Anything up to $400

Genres? - rock, metal, proggressive metal. Something like John Petrucci, Steve Morse, James Hetfield ...

New or Used? - I preffer new, I'm going to buy it from a shop

Home or Gig? - Most of the time home, maybe few gigs.

Closest City? - I live in Macedonia, Bulgaria and Greece are full of equipment, they are my main targets.
musicstore.de and thomann.de - the prices here and equipment are closest to what I can get.

Current Gear? - Guitar: Fender Strat USA (HSS) Amp: Fender frontman 212r

My search for an amp - Fender Mustang III, Peavey Windsor Studio, Roland Cube 40XL..

I want something good for every kind of music, a good clean is a must, probably a good distortion (the amps I mentioned have but it's digital.. except for the Peavey)
I'm a pedal lover. I'm using all kind of effects before my amp (or FX loop), a boost pedal almost always (maybe another distortion, beside the Amps gain) a wah, and volume in the end...
I want the amp to sound good on clean channel, and if it doesn't have a good distortion I'll fix that with pedals. If it does, that would be great!

That's it I think.. I hope I wrote this correctly

Every kind of feedback is appreciated! Thank you.
V55, JCA20, Blackheart Handsome Devil

could save up for a Tweaker or Tiny Terror

V55 would be the loudest, but the gain would not be as high, not sure what it would do with an OD

use the frontman for a cab

The lowest price one I saw that I would save for is a Statesman, but it would not hit metal.
Looks like Dual Terrors are not too expensive in Europe.
if you don't mind solid state, the roland cube is a good amp, lots of variety and a great clean channel.
Thanks for commenting..
well, I don't mind solid state. I was thinking to get the Cube 40XL but.. I just feel that digital (amp simulations, modulation and delay/reverb) aren't that great no matter who made them.
I know that Roland makes all the Boss pedals but, in my opinion a pedal has much more to offer than a multi effects processor. - if someone thinks different please correct me, I always appreciate someone else's point of view.

In the other hand I really like the Bugera V55 (from sound clips only, haven't tried one yet) but will it stand good on high gains (distortion pedal)?

And another tube amp, does someone has tried the Crate V18 212? Is it good?

I don't want to use my Frontman as a cab.. I don't like the sound of it's speakers. So amp heads are out of my price range...

So anything else in my price range? or lets say up to $450 max

Sell the frontman for CASH!

Then just take the money, and get a Jet City JCA22 combo.

Good cleans, good distortion. Your price range, it's the only thing I would recommend.
Squier Strat
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I can't find a JCA22 neither on thomann.de or musicstore.de
I saw the JCA2112 but that's off my limit..

I didn't want to sell the frontman.. because I don't think Ill get much for it, and to be honest I paid $360 for it NEW
I could save my money... but in the time I bought it, I didn't know what I want from an amp :\
The JCA22 (as a Jet City lover and fanboy) isn't out yet. Wait maybe a month or 2 and it will. I think the combo will be around $400 bucks, right around your budget. Just look for JCA100 Metal on YouTube and you can find lots of great metal demos, that's the same amp (almost) as the JCA22.