I was stood in a queue earlier and I just pissed meself?

Ok, seriously. I was jamming in the key of blues earlier and my amp just sort of... died off then came back to life. Literally went silent in a gradual fast kinda way, then came back to life.

Power choobs or was my key of blues too good for it?

INB4 - What I really need is a new amp.

Help please?

I'm with marshmellow, try a few different outlets in your home just to see, hopefully that's all it is. Take it easy with the key of blues, shit's dangerous.
Nah don't think that's it... The amp was still powered. The sound just died but the amp was lit?
Also I should mention it's been plugged into that socket for literally months and been fine? I will give your suggestions a try but honestly don't think that's it?
It couldve gone off and comeback on really fast not allowing you to see the lights flicker, the tubes would need time to warm up, i know my vox amp does this very same fade out you described and it even does it when i turn it on. (only it fades in)

That it is, I've seen many a brain turned to mush before my very eyes, i wear ear plugs so mine wont leak out of my head on such occasions.

EDIT: you ninja'd me with that post saying its been in the same socket for months now.. In that case barring some flash power outage it may be your power choooobs
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I'm inclined to say power choobs but I guess I was looking for other suggestions and I guess the plug one is quite logical if it was on and off really quick and the choobs couldn't catch up.

Amp and socket haven't been touched in a while it's not likely but worth a try before taking my head to bits... although playing jazz usually takes my head to bits. I'll avoid the screw drivers for now and jam out some dominant 7 half diminished shit. Ear plugs will be a good way to protect me so I don't get brain leak. I ****ing love jamming arpeggios in the key of Jazz, it just requires a bit too much thinking at the moment.

I'll convince my bank manager what I really need is a new amp, not choobs and treat meself to a Fender Deluxe reverb.

Thanks for the help duder!