What's the wisest way to do this? I'm moving from Virginia to Athens, Greece and I am really determined to start a band there. I'm not going to know anybody when I get there though and there will be about a month actually where school hasn't started and I'll be doing nothing.

Is just putting up flyers around the town the main way to do it? Should I wait until school starts and make some friends and see if they play any instruments? What if I still don't find people in my area for my band? (worst case scenario, but kind of possible)

One thing that is going to suck is that my favorite band (and biggest influence) is the band Rise Against. RA is not a popular band in Greece. (In my opinion though it's because Rise Against has never played any concerts there) I'm hoping to find people with similar music tastes though.

P.S. Does anybody know what the Greek music scene is like?
not sure what the greece music scene is like, though i'm pretty sure they don't break out into abba songs every 10 minutes or so like in mamma mia
i think just wait until school starts and meet people then, but if you want to play whatever instroment you play as loud as it takes so it can be heard outside, but make sure it's not so loud that you get the police coming for you. people may hear you and possibly you might meet them later at school and start a band that way
Oh yeah I forgot they probably have music shops, that's a good idea too

haha and that would be funny if it was all like Mamma Mia XD