Anyone own/owned one? Im gonna go check one out tomorrow and just wanna see what some other people had to say both positive and negative. Its on craigslist for $350, guy says its in mint condition, but he also said he doesnt know what string gauge he has on it and couldnt tell me if the knife edges of the bridge are in good condition so....yeah lol
Thats wayyyy too much man, you can get an older japan made rg cheaper than that.
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I would stay away from it, save up some more and get a better guitar...
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That's definitely too much for that guitar. If you like it and are set on buying it, $300 would be the most worth paying for it.
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i wouldnt pay more than 250 for it tbh. my local shop has one for 249.99USD If its used, its the kind of used where they bought it and then realized it wasnt easy to play so it sat in the closet untouched for a year before finally being sold. Judging from the fret wear, Im pretty sure its new, is what I guess is the point im trying to make
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