Hello hello everybody!

I've been checking around for some kind of amplifier that's better than what I have now (Peavey Bandit 112...).

Just got an idea that I might be able to use a Line6 POD HD500 and run it into a guitar cabinet, preferrably something moderate sized, like a 2x12.

Would it work? Do I need anything else apart from the actual POD and cabinet to make it work?
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You'd need a power amp dawg.

POD HD500 --- Power amp ----- Cab

or straight to PA, you da boss.

you need a power amp, if you have the money buy a tube power amp, if not buy a solid state. If your playing at low volumes you might as well get a solid state, if your practicing with a band you need a tube for it to sound good. Or you could run it through the PA, but that sounds like bum from my experience.
Don't have a PA at all really, unless one would count in the speakers I use for my computer... What's the power amp going to do? I've absolutely No clue.. Never dealt with tube amps before sadly.
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How does one safely remove the smell of a corpse from a banjo?
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the power amp is not nedded as the pod hd500 already have one

I'd like to see where you got this "mis"information. The pod needs a power amp to run a cabinet, or needs to be run into a Powered Speaker / PA.
If your playing with a band a PA is your best(cheap) bet. Otherwise a powered speaker would work. A power amp provides the power to the speaker/cab. If your using powered speakers(meaning they have their own power supply) you just plug right in and play. NO need for the amp. What exactly are you trying to do? Play with a band? Jam at home? Practice and record? help us help you.
More or less all of those. Im starting to get a project going, have some ideas for songs. I mostly jam at home, practice and record, and there are times I jump in with a band to help them out. Sorry for not being all too clear and such, but Im pretty darn tired, been staying up late...
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How does one safely remove the smell of a corpse from a banjo?
IMO you dont need the cab. If you guys have a PA and a powered speaker you can just all plug right into the PA. Look into stuff like this.


You can do a Powered PA(amp) with passive(unpowered) Speakers or a Passive PA and Powered Speaker.
There are four ways you can try to go about this.

First would be to run the Pod straight into the PA system, no need for cabs or poweramps or anything. This is really useful if you plan to play live a lot.

Second is what I run, which is the DSP (the Pod in this case) into a tube or solid state poweramp, then into the cabinet. The Pod acts as the preamp (the tone) and the poweramp gives it volume, so it's basically like a regular amp head just broken down into two different units. Just make sure that when running this setup, you switch the cabinet simulator on the Pod off or you'll get a really bassy, out there sort of tone.

Third is another very viable option, which would be running the pod into a powered cabinet. This is basically where instead of combining the pre and power amp stages into a normal amp head and leaving the cabinet separate, you combine the poweramp and the cabinet with an external preamp. Works about the same as the second configuration depending on which model you get, and you can get Full Range/Flat Response set ups so that the cabinet doesn't colour your tone at all. A pretty useful FR/FR 2x12 cabinet on a budget is the Atomic Reactor Powered Cabinet, designed specifically to work with digital rigs like Fractal's own Axe Fx. Everything you hear then would be just the Pod's own amps, cabs and effects.

Fourth and probably least popular is buying an actual tube or SS head, and bypassing the preamp stage by running the Pod through the FX Loop in the back. Not really useful unless you want a regular head to play with as well, and usually only used when someone has one laying around as opposed to buying one specifically for the purpose.

Cant be arsed to read that over, since I'm really tired after hiking a lot this evening. However, if you need more help you're always welcome in the DSP Thread, made specifically for discussing things like this (Pods, Axe-Fx, Eleven Rack, etc.). Link in sig.

Cheers my friend!
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the power amp is not nedded as the pod hd500 already have one
Also, this is wrong.
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