Just got myself a new Schecter Damien FR, I love it and it's definitely perfect for my style, (if you're interested in seeing how it plays then here's a little video I recorded.)

But as usual, there had to be a ****ing problem with it, the 5th fret of the e and b string buzz like hell. So I turned the two screws in the bridge and raised it a bit and now the buzz is completely gone, but the distance between the strings and the bridge is a bit too much and I can't really sweep properly because of that. So I guess what I'm trying to say is if there's anyway to lower the bridge and still have the fret buzz gone?

Can anyone help me with that please?
sounds like the frets aren't level, could you take it back? otherwise you could get a tech to level the frets. (just file them down a bit).
Yeah, sounds like either a fret problem or a truss rod adjustment might be needed. In either case, you might want to have a tech look at it and figure out the best way to fix it.
Well that sucks mammoth dick, I barely got the guitar and I have to take it to a tech..

Thanks for the replies guys.
BTW don't turn the trem posts while the guitar has the strings taught. It dulls the knife edges
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Depending on where you got it they might fix it for you or replace it. Some companies actually still care about retaining customers.