Hi everyone! I'm a new member to this site so hopefully I wont say anything too stupid in anything that I post up here lol. Anyway, I have a question to ask: I'm building a new guitar rig that consists of; Peavey 6505 head, Mesa Boogie Oversized Rectifier Cab, Furman P-1800 Power Conditioner, TC Electronics G Major 2, and the recent addition is the Voodoo Labs Ground Control Pro. With my old rig, to get to a rhythm channel i had to press rhythm channel, and then a button or to on my line6 pod to get the effect I wanted, same for going to clean and back to rhythm again. What I want to know is how to get my amp's head working with the gmajor 2 and the ground control so that I can push one button and do many things at once without tappdancing. Iv heard talk about something called The GCX Audio Switcher but I dont know much about it, Think you guys can help me out?