Hi guys,

Nothing special here, I'm just looking for opinions and suggestions. My current guitar is a Dean Vendetta XMT, and as great as it is, I think it's time to move up to a mid-levelish guitar. I'll try to list everything I do/don't want...

-#1 thing I'm looking for is a thicker neck. The neck on my Dean is very thin, and very flat. I want something with more mass to it, something that can fill up my hand.

-NO TREM. Nothing. I change tunings enough that I don't want to mess with a floyd or even a strat-style bridge.

-I like strat, superstrat, and LP style guitars. No V's or other weird shapes.

-The guitar will be primarily used for modern hard rock/metal. My favorite bands are Disturbed and A7X *flame shield* but I do play other stuff like metallica, ozzy, etc.

-H-H preferred

-I've liked the necks on Fenders Strats, Epiphone LP's, and all the Schecter C1 standard and C1 hellraisers I've played.

-I don't like the necks on Ibbys. Or the trems. Or the pups...

-Budget is around $500 US. I say around because if I found my dream guitar for $525 I'd fork the other 25.

So, with all that info, I've been thinking this agile would be the best bet:


But, I'm open to other suggestions, or if there's something wrong with that line of agile I'd be happy to know.

TL;DR Guy wants guitar with thick neck for hard rock.

schecter C1 standard. its got pretty much everything you want (the neck is particularly nice if you like a more solid neck)

also check out PRS SE models. they may be a little bit of a budget stretch, but they are truly excellent guitars

the agile you pointed out is quite nice too. however, im not sure you need the wide neck version. also, I personally have never quite been sold on agile's. its not that theres anything terribly wrong about them, they've just never quite won me over the way other guitars have (for the money)
+1 on the Schecter. They feel great neck is perfect fret's are smooth great sound.
You could hotrod a strat to do all that you want. If you like the neck, just block the trem, change the pickguard to and HH (routing may be necessary)... And there ya go. But I like projects, I'm not sure if that's your thing.

The Agile looks good, I've never played one but I heard good things about them.
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epiphone lp hardrock shecter metal

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