Hey, I'm gonna be getting a 60's tribute gibson sg for grades, and I kinda wanted to get some sort of tremolo arm fitted onto it. I'm gonna be working at my dad's car garage for the summer, so there won't be a big shortage of tools or cash. My dad's kind of a Boat guy too, so he has a bunch of wood-working stuff if needed.

I have to admit, I have no experience with wood working or anything, and i don't want to ruin the guitar, so anything that wouldn't require a crapload of routing or anything like that would be appreciated.

I'm still debating on wether to do this, but I love the way SG's with tremolo arms look, and I like to be able to minipulate feedback with it.
well you cant just get a tremolo arm.. you need a bridge that is setup for tremolo. im assuming yours isnt right now.
is yours a TOM? if so there are a few options. search and ye shall find. if not, theres even more options.
depending what you get it can be super easy and require basically no work, or it could require a buttload of work.
look up (assuming yours is a TOM) Les Trem. that would be an easy option, but not cheap.

i suppose you COULD just add a tremolo arm. drill a hole and stick it in for looks... but... well i wont comment past that. lol
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if you guitar has a TOM you could look into getting one of these
and a bigsby trem which would require pretty much no cutting or drilling, just the replacing of a few parts
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^vibramate or just don't be a pussy and just drill 4 holes in your guitar for the bigsby
Ive got an old epiphone sg that ive worked on over the years. i decided to throw on a bigsby b3. I had to cut it down as the tom and bar sit further back than on a normal sg. but its bolted down with 4 screws onto the stock tom, with the stock tuners.

Im happy to say im happy with it. the guitar is much more versatile and i dont have a single tuning issue. i can drop the bar down to the body without it detuning.
Theres a few pics on my profile.

Go for a bigsby. if you like the b5 id go for a vibramate as this will allow you to bolt the bigsby to the stop tail pegs. No wood working, better sustain and completely reversible.

Or if your that way inclined fitting a b7 or b3 with the tail piece isn't hard if you take your time.
Bigsby for a classic trem. I'm sure you could find a Gibson Vibrola trem as well--that's the more "traditional" SG tremolo.

For a more modern trem that needs no (or little) body modification, probably some kind of Kahler surface mount trem.
I wouldnt go for the gibson vibrola. Ive tried on and the tuning stability isnt great. aswell as gibson dont offer the vibrola separatly, so uless someone has totaled a gibby that has one your out of luck finding one, when you do it will probably cost you an arm and a leg
When I hear you say you like to manipulate feedback with it that gives me images of dive bombs. Keep in mind bigsbys have a limited range, it's not going to go down as low as a strat type trem (or floyd rose or anything). All that said, I've got a bigsby on a guitar, it works great and I love it!
consider me another vote for Bigsby
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An sg with a floyd rose................. You sir are crazy!

so i'm not the only person who thinks that
You can buy sg's with thicker bodys and floyd rose's but imo it defeats the purpose of the sg being a light guitar able to be thrown around and be a classic rock icon.
Bigsby b5 + Vibramate mount. I have this on one of my Les Pauls. It's about $250 and is a super easy install with no drilling.