This is a work in progress prog. metal song. I was trying to make a prog song without going down 4 steps and using 12/16 time signatures. I've done 2 guitars with the intro and melody. Tell me what you think! C4C.
Prog Metal.gpx
Prog Metal.gp5
Prog Metal.mid
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It didn't really sound proggy at all. The first ten bars were very metalcore, quite generic in fact. The rhythm of the chugging was pretty cool though. The next section just didn't sound great, in my opinion. The chord sequence was quite generic too, and I just didn't really like the lead.

If you really want to write a prog metal song, I'd start again to be honest, or if you just wanna continue writing this because you want to, go for it as long as you realise what you have so far isn't prog.

Sorry if that sounded a bit harsh, I'm just trying to give constructive criticism ya know.
c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1449701 v18's the newest version.
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Yeah, pretty dull 4/4 time signature isnt really proggy. And the good old 5th chord/tremolo picking is more of thrash metal stuff. Sounds good, but not prog. As a standard metal song this sounds cool.
Liked the whole intro but from bar 11 it just sounds kinda awkward try working on that, but then again with added drums it might sound a whole better
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