My name is Chris. I make guitar picks. This is NOT a sales pitch. I am looking for some feedback on my picks from guitar players. All I need you to do is go to *** and give me a mailing address and what pick you currently play. This is a FREE sample pick that I would appreciate your feedback on.

This is not a money-making scheme. I hope this is not against the rules. I have read the forum rules and if I am in direct violation, I will gladly remove it. Thanks in advance.

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How do we go about getting this free sample pick?
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I'm actually pretty picky about picks, I'd love to see how these would feel. Will you ship to Canada?
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How do we go about getting this free sample pick?

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I'll gladly help you out.
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I suppose UK shipping is out of the question?
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I suppose UK shipping is out of the question?

Same here. If you'll ship to the UK I'll gladly give you some feedback.

I can ship to the UK. All you need to do is go to gravitypicks.com, go to the contact tab at the top of the page and email me your mailing address and what pick your currently play. Thanks again everyone.
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Sent off. Genuinely looking forward to this, I'm excited about the wave idea, these are looking like a V-Pick contender, and the prices are better, this is very promising!
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Looking forward to seeing how these picks play. Also glad we're in the same state.
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