This is an original from my band Turbodank. Let us know what you think, and if you have any music that you think we would like to listen to and give you feedback on. We are on soundcloud, Myspace, Facebook, Youtube and Tumblr and are always looking to network on those sites, so by all means get connected with us and we will reciprocate for sure. Thanks!


If You like what you've heard and would like to listen to/download more tracks, we have a fairly lengthy demo you can find here:


Thanks again!

Sounds nice man, weird but nice.

No idea what the vocalist is saying though since the vocals are drowned out by everything.

Not too keen on the drum/stick clap sound at 1.32, and it hangs around forever.

Asides from that I liked it, weird stuff man, the guitars sound nice, the bass could be a bit louder too though.

The last minute and a half are very relaxing man.

C4C? = https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1451359
Love this sound, man...stoner? this reminds me of shrooms. ha, Anyway, this could be a great recording if the drum tracks were volumed down (if only maybe in certain parts), plus the vocals should be a little louder with maybe different effects put into the track on them. Sounds like their tone could be better recorded on the vocal tracks..Overall, liked it a lot..really lets the mind wander

C4C? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hgn1VczpRNk
Went in expecting Kyuss or QTSA like stuff, which it wasn't, but it sounds good.

I thought that the digital drums at around 1:30 sounded out of place. Maybe the same sort of beat, but on something else. It just sounded like you were trying to insert some techno in the middle for some reason to me, though like I said, I don't think the beat is wrong, just the sound. Maybe some stuff on the hi-hat or something would sound good. Also, listening to some of your other stuff, I think some actual really heavy drums recorded in a big room with strong hits would really make some of your tracks rip (for instance on you are a part). On most of them, I think the programmed drums sound good, but maybe some accents with something else. I don't know.

Like others said, the vocals I think could use some clarity. Maybe throw in a more clear track in there to punch through the mix some, but keep the airy ones in there.

Is there a reason for the really abrupt cut off at the end like that? I was really kinda jarred by the ending since it was still building and stuff. I assume it's leading into another track, but it still just seems like a really weird place to stop the track.

The layering was great though. The guitar parts all sounded great. My only real objection is that with the vocals so drowned out, it doesn't have a ton of consistent melody, but I know that may just be the type of music.
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I really liked the sound, its nice and meldious and makes me sleepy. Vocals need a little bit more volume. Also great use of the effects on the song, it gave it a very mellow atmosphere and painted a very nice picture with all the sounds that were introduced.

Great track!

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Thanks for the feedback guys. I definitely plan on tweeking the vocals in this track as well as some other tracks on our demo. Warrior47- The song does lead directly into the next song on the demo, In/Out. Once again, thanks for the help guys! Peace