I won a talent show recently at school and now I need to play a concert thing at our annual concert thing.
I was planning to play The Cave by Mumford and Sons (Open D), but aside from the main riff, the song is quite boring.
Could you guys give me some help in making it sound better, maybe incorporating the banjo into my guitar playing?
Why play a song that's so boring you need to change it? Pick something better.

If the song has other, more interesting parts on other instruments, try transposing those to the guitar.
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That was my point. But I'm not too good at picking stuff by ear, and I've never heard of Ultimate-banjo.com
Pick another song, I wouldn't expect anyone here to transcribe a whole song for you just for the lulz and you're not going to be able to pick up the skill in a few short days.

That being said: give it a go, if you know any theory and know how the rest of the parts already go I don't think it should be too hard to get it down.
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