Hey everyone. First post here. I'm having a bit of a problem with my B-52 LS100 head. I'm not running any pedals at all through it at all, except for a Boss NS-2 to correct squeaking/squealing when I do stops and stuff. Guitar is a Schecter Omen-6. All my speaker cables and instrument cables are in top-notch shape, made sure they're all the right kinds. Basically, I play in a local metal band, and even with the gain knob turned halfway up on the head, the noise suppressor corrects the squeaking and squealing fine, but does nothing for the buzzing that I hear when I stop playing. Considering it's the only pedal that I'm running, I run my main cable into the input, and a cable from the pedal to input. Should I be doing anything through the send and return? Does that need to be closed or something? I'm just confused and wondering what I could do to rectify this problem. Hope someone can help!

Edit: This is a close sound to what it sounds like. Doesn't do it on clean or anything though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUeRLC4z8f4
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Have you tried a different guitar or outlet?

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Have you tried a different guitar or outlet?

Indeed I have, same thing. It actually even did this when I was playing live at a local concert venue, which, shouldn't they have proper outlets to avoid sound problems like that?
Don't over look your guitar. Does the buzzing change if you touch the bridge?
There's supposed to be an "X-Pattern" you can run the NS-2 in, which goes from both your guitar to the amp input and also through the effects loop. (Should come up on Google) I get the same buzz as you do when I've got my amp cranked pretty good (JVM210 Marshall), and I tried the x-pattern a while ago, but it didn't do anything for me :P

I'm not sure why amps buzz like that, my Orange Tiny Terror does the same sort of thing, but I'm running all my heads through a Furman conditioner, and my NS-2 stays cranked completely up to get the most stop/start clean cuts.

After a while I've just learned to deal with it, you don't really notice it when you're gigging out, which is really the only time I've got my amps cranked that high anyway.