This is a different question and I'm not sure this is quite the right place, but I'm sure the GB&C gurus can throw some good advice my way.

A few days ago my roommate and I were at the local Goodwill outlet store looking to pick up some furniture for our apartment on the cheap. What we came across was a 60's era Silvertone organ for the not so hefty sum of $12. Naturally we bought it. All the keys work and all that, it's really in surprisingly good shape for its age. My question is, my roommate and I are both tinkerers and we're looking to mess around with its circuitry and maybe add some of our own to try and push it towards a more rock organ sort of sound.

There's already a vibrato effect, but it doesn't seem to work so that's project number one. After that I'm thinking some sort of boost in order to hit the organ's amp a bit harder and hopefully make the tone a bit grittier.

Any thoughts on these projects or any other ones? Don't worry, I'm not expecting a Hammond + Leslie tone, more looking for some fun projects.
I would suggest finding where the pre amp (or probably amps) end and the power amp begins. Then take out the power amp, send a signal out to a guitar amp. Then chop the organ so rather than a spinett style it's a top with legs type thing. Like a hammond B3 (or even smaller). BTW I own a hammond T-400 and a Hammond D-100. The T is transistor and modded a bunch, the D is pretty much a giant old tube one. But both are tonewheel organs unlike your silvertone.

WAIT! Is it like this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpxHTxJUZXM that thing sounds just like an old school game console!!

Edit again! I just poked around and found that these are reed organs that have a microphone connected to a little tube amp! Way cool. If this guy's got the same amp http://www.tdpri.com/forum/shock-brothers-diy-amps/180519-60s-sears-silvertone-4707-organ-amp-conversion.html you could do those mods to get more gain from yours, just watch out for feedback.
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Yeah, it's almost exactly like the one in the vid except it has legs on the front. It's not the 4707 model either, the model number is almost completely worn off, my best guess is 47281k though. But nothing comes up for that when I search it. Opening it up, it looks like how it works is pressing each key closes a circuit to a tone generator which then outputs to a tube amp in the back outputting to the built in speaker. I'll try and get some pics up after work today.
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Ah, if it's got tubes, you can get it overdriven and dirty

My thoughts exactly

The organ gods must be smiling on me though, I'm about to head over to check out some organ a guy on CL is giving away for free. Why aren't the guitar gods so friendly?