Hi, while taking a break from my Flying V project (which some of you might have seen), I decided to mod my sister's guitar (a silvertone strat copy). Being me, i dived into the project with very little research. Currently, the killswitch works but there is a popping noise (lod-ish on my distorted channel) and, even worse, the pickups pick up noise from tapping on them, but not from my string that i'm using to test them. when they did work, the neck pickup only worked on the 2nd selection on my 5-way selector. I made a diagram of the wiring in paint, and took a picture so if anyone knows anything that may help, that would be wonderful. Thank you
ks wiring real.jpg
KS wiring.jpg
I didn't do anything to the neck pickup's wiring, and there's an extra loose red wire in the pickup i changed the middle for, does anyone know where that might go?
So this is basically how my friend told me to wire it, but some of the wiring looks wrong from before i even changed anything. From the picture, does everything look right? sorry for bumping this, I just didn't want to make a new thread
smaller strat wiring.jpg