I want a good quality microphone. Something that can cut out alot of unwanted noise and that has nice sound quality.

Also, I want to be able to use it for band practice.

Never bought a microphone. My budget goes up to around $160.
The SM is the industry standard not for it's sound, but because its practically invincible. There are better mics but I think every vocalist needs an 58. That being said, don't spend 100 dollars on a new one. Because so many people use them they are a dime a dozen. Check craigslist, I found 2 the other day for 45 bucks in like new condition.

However, if you want to buy new and if you have 160 to spend though splurge on the Beta SM58. It is a higher quality version of the original and I am sure you will like it more.
That is not the only reason they are the standard, they sound very good.
Do you really think that platinum selling artists would be using sm58s if they didn't sound good?
IMO it's not that they sound good its that they sound "familiar." By which I mean they impart a tonal quality to the voice that most people expect to hear. Maybe you can give me examples of Professionals that use the 58 primarily as I could find little data on this. Just because a vocalist uses the mic for a gig doesn't mean in any way that it is their favorite.

There are many mics that sound more natural for not much more cash but that's not what is being asked. We can argue about this until we are blue in the face but I have tested dozens of mics (used for both live and studio work) and own my four favorites currently (one of which is a SM58). The 58 does NOT cut noise as it is a cardioid mic and will pick up sound from all around.

The Beta 58 is supercardioid and therefore has a tighter band where it picks up sound thereby cutting out unwanted noise. This is something the OP requested and why I made my recommendation as such. The 58 will feedback well before the Beta.
Yeah I see your point on them sounding familiar. But maybe that makes them the best, if it's what people like to hear. John Mayer seems to switch between SM58 and the beta 58, Roger Daltrey, Robert Plant, Aloe Blacc, Kings of Leon, I could go on. Honestly, it's easier to make a list of singers that don't use either an sm58 or A wireless version of it. I know that doesn't make them technically the best, but if it's what people like to hear, then that must factor in to it.
I don't care much for the sm58 myself, It's not bad at all but it does color the tone like many mic's tend to do. They have this "muffled" low end sound that can help a bad / weak singer sound a bit better.

I prefer the Audix OM line.. preferably the OM5 or OM7. OM7 is my favorite.
These have more of a mid range boost, and have a nice crisp / clear sound.
The OM7 is a beast of a mic and looks different too. My favorite mic for live work is the Rode S1. Its a condenser mic but has great unwanted noise suppression. It has great presence and cuts through the mix like a son of a gun while not coloring the sound hardly at all.
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My favourite mic for live vocals is my Sennheiser e835. It's priced about the same as a 58, but used back-to-back with a 58.... The Sennheiser makes the 58 sound like singing through wet moving blankets.

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I'll second the beta 58. I got one a couple months ago, and it's miles better than anything I had used before it. Very good noise rejection, and with a little EQ you can take out any frequencies you don't care for.
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