Hey guys.

I quite like to do video covers, up until now I'd just use a PC mic and record with awful sound xD But I now record directly too my PC with the line-in.

Here's the thing, I have a Microsoft LifeCam, if I disable the inbuilt microphone in it, then enable my line-in, it freezes and won't record - wondered if anyone might be able to help out there?

If not, if you do guitar covers on YouTube or whatever - how do you do it? What video capture techniques and software do you use?

Many thanks guys!
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dont use the line -in use an audio interface then use Debut video capture software and use your audio interface as defualt capturing audio if you want to record live and use the search function
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When doing my covers, i record the video with my ps3, as its the only camera i have atm I then sync the vids up along with my cover in sony vegas, although any program should work well enough. I don't know how i'd do it live however.
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I set up my camera on a tripod (obviously) and fiddle around with the camera angle until I get it right (haven't bothered getting an hdmi cable so I can see it on my monitor or TV ). By this time Reaper is open and I'm all ready to record. I basically keep the camera rolling until I get the perfect (or as close to perfect as I can get) take (if it's something short, like a solo). If I'm recording the rhythm part to a song I just stop recording and start again if I mess up. After I've got the video and audio, I export the audio as a wav (be careful, as most video editing software accepts 24-bit..I just got Avid Studio a little while ago and it doesn't , so I have to render to 16-bit). I then import both the raw camera file and the wav file into Avid Studio (any editing software will work), and split the camera video and audio. Delete the default camera audio and replace it with the wav file. From there all you have to do is move the audio around until it's synched correctly with your video.

Tip: Make sure your video and audio are the same length (even if you have to just fill in the audio track with empty space by expanding it, or whatever). I've learned the hard way that if they aren't the same length it gets ever so slightly out of sync when you upload it to YouTube.

Anyway, hope this helped. Good luck.
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