Someone here likes The Faceless?

Just a minor complaint about the notation, when you dot a note AND make it a triplet, it's the same as just a regular beat. For example, a dotted eighth triplet is just a straight eighth. No need for all the extras.

Anyway, nothing to complain about. Very Faceless-y and I LOVE The Faceless, so that's not a problem. Two thumbs up from the jew boy!

I'd offer C4C, but nothing I'm interested in receiving feedback right now really matches up with this. If you don't mind being potentially let down, this piece is my primary concern right now. Thanks. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1452586
Very much like The Faceless, which is a good thing.

Good themes and sound, although the constant cymbal ride gets a bit annoying. 20 is great, and the theme there is good. 37-38 and similar sections transition too abruptly, so I would suggest changing something there to make it flow better. The reiteration of riffs again is good.

The section at 92 is great, and I like the dissonance there. The outro with the halo pad accompanying the guitar is also great.

Good material here, and I like how it's entirely triplets.

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Sick shit bro, the drums for bar 1-4 threw me off completely, riff makes so much sense w/ the drums at bar 5, little things like that make me happy haha

I'm gonna learn this song tomorrow when I get some free time, I rarely learn things that people post on this site so kudos on that

Overall, great piece, I really enjoyed the drums overall which completely dictates the feel of a song and a lot of people forget that.

Riff at bar 44 has such a Dying Fetus + Faceless groove, I <3 it!

Bar 92, faceless to the max haha, I guess that's the feel you were going for.

Oh, and most of this can be written in 3/4 or 6/8 and in terms of playing to a click would make infinitely more sense, just my 2 cents.

Solid piece, 8/10. My only suggestion would be to not repeat parts and give it a more progressive flow where its riff after riff, I think it suits this song if it went down that road.

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