Are there any acoustic blues guitarists using a pick instead of finger?
Someone told me delta blues with a pick is not the delta... and even some suggested me if wanna be a good blues guitarist then better learn fingerstyle.
I tried to get used to fingerpicking but it doesnt work at all.
been playing guitar with a pick for 10 years and really hard to change the way I play.

Any suggestion?
my husband has been working hard to learn to fingerpick so he can play authentic delta blues, and he's also having trouble and having to take it slow. he's been playing with a pick a lot longer then 10 years, but he's determined.

considering that a lot of delta blues involved picking several strings simultaneously while avoiding others, i can't see how you could do that with a pick.
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Take it easy and learn some easy fingerstyle songs. It's challenging enough to learn it in the first place, but once you've gotten comfortable with flatpicking, your hands just aren't used to it.

Side-note: whoever said that you have to play fingerstyle to be a good bluesman sounds like a douche. It won't be authentic Delta blues, but "a rose by any other name".
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Its the Lydian mode; formed in Eastern Arabia when the Persians invaded England.

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try the sexolydian scale.
Nothing is set in stone and no one will hunt you down and take your guitar away if you're not "authentic".
One musician used to poke fun at these attitudes in his act... He'd start playing an old tune he said he'd learned off a vinyl record. About halfway through, he'd start making this "click, click" sound.
"That's the scratch in the record", he'd say. "gotta be authentic."
a good song that is pretty bluesey that is great to learn finger picking on is thickfreakness by the black keys
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its good to learn new styles. I say just keep trying to get the fingerpicking down. I love playing fingerstyle (not blues), and I find that all it takes is time like everything else.